Why Project Management as a Service?

In the last decade, we have seen the market shift from a pure products-based industry to services-based however, Project Management, already a cornerstone of services, was not left untouched in the shift.

What is Project Management as a Service?

Project Management as a Service (often shortened to PMaaS) is an adaptable consulting service that allows clients to hire as many project managers/consultants as needed for their projects.


Traditional Consulting



Scaling up or down presents it’s unique challenges due to contractual obligations

Clients can scale the amount of consultants up and down to fit their needs.


The consultancy supplies the resources, but the client retains responsibility for the PMO operation and its performance.

The consultancy supplies the resources and retains responsibility for the PM operation and its performance.

Using PMaaS to Lower Costs

A managed service approach, like PCS Project Management as a Service (PMaaS), is a new way to mobilize projects, programs, and change management services. The model is one where we manage all aspects of the service delivery including recruitment and  onboarding to drive cost efficiencies and increased organizational capability while improving project and program execution performance at pace. You get capability and capacity when you need it.

With a managed service, the provider takes on the responsibility of managing project performance. In many cases, using a managed service supplier will even allow the client to pay less than he or she might have previously going piecemeal, as the pricing models are based on the specific services to be provided, and the volume and complexity of projects within the service.