The development of crucial tools like the critical path method (CPM), work breakdown structure (WBS), and the program evaluation and review technique (PERT), laid the foundation of modern project management in the 1950s. Although project management was established in the 1950s, it only became widely accepted by different industries and organisations in the 1990s. The origins of project management are deeply connected to construction, engineering, scientific management, and even military research.

Project management is the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to plan, organise, and manage a project to achieve a predefined goal or outcome. Project management plays a vital role in strategic planning, ensuring that organisations can deliver successful projects. The efficient use of methods, processes, and tools for the planning, execution, monitoring, and completion of projects has
been identified as an important feature of successful project management. Coordination of resources, tasks, and deadlines for the achievement of specific objectives within defined constraints like budgets and timeframes is a key element in this process. The effectiveness of project management involves several aspects, such as clarity of communication, effective allocation of resources, risk mitigation,
and adaptability to change

The benefits of effective Project Management are;
1. Improved Efficiency and Productivity:
Improving efficiency and productivity is one of the main benefits of effective project management. Project managers can reduce the workload, identify bottlenecks, and optimise their workflow by carefully planning and organisation. This results in efficient utilisation of resources, less interruption, and finally, higher productivity. The teams can work more closely together if the tasks are well established and project timelines are achievable, leading to a faster completion of projects.

2. Clear Communication and Team Collaboration:
Clear communication and collaboration between team members is encouraged by effective project management. Project managers act as facilitators to ensure that everyone is on the same page concerning project objectives, timelines, and expectations. An environment where team members can exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and work together to achieve the project’s success is created through regularly scheduled meetings, status updates, and the use of joint tools.

3. Better Resource Allocation and Budget Control:
Careful allocation of resources, both man and money, is needed for successful projects. Detailed planning for the identification of resource needs and their allocation is a key element in effective project management. This is to avoid unnecessary delays and cost overruns by ensuring that teams have the right skills and instruments for their work. Project managers may also monitor expenditures utilising constant monitoring and control, thus enabling them to manage budgets more effectively. Better resource allocation and budget control contribute significantly to the overall financial health of the organisation.

4. Mitigation of Risks and Challenges:
Uncertainty and risk are inherent in all projects. Proactive risk identification, assessment, and mitigation strategies are essential in the effective management of projects. Project managers may draw up contingency plans for dealing with unexpected problems on time when they are aware of possible challenges. The impact of risk on project timeframes and budgets is minimised through this active approach.

5. Timely Delivery and Client Satisfaction:
The ultimate aim of effective project management is to deliver projects on time and to meet or exceed client expectations. Project managers can ensure that projects remain on schedule and are completed within agreed time limits through careful planning, communication, and risk mitigation. Timely delivery improves client satisfaction, establishes trust, and can lead to new business or good referrals.
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