Everyone can be called a project manager. Everyone can decide to carry on a project, mobilize resources and execute the project. The only difference between these projects is the quality of the finished project and the satisfaction a client gets upon completing a project. A perfectly executed project results from careful planning, organization, directing, and controlling. Most importantly, it is the result of a great project manager. Certain qualities distinguish a good project manager from his counterparts. It isn’t necessarily in the certifications or years of experience.

In this article, we will be discussing the most important qualities every manager should possess to make him stand out in a room of managers. These qualities are a must-have in 2022 if you wish to take your project managing career to the next level.

Who Is a Project Manager?

A project manager is someone responsible for the planning, organizing, directing, regulating, and control of the resources of an organization to achieve a set objective given a time frame. The role of a project manager is in high demand in almost every industry and sector of the economy. Firms do not like to burden their staff with projects that are not primarily in their job descriptions. Hence, they hire independent project managers or designate special team members to oversee the conceptualization and execution given specific resources and a time frame.


  1. An Ability to lead
  2. An Excellent communication skill
  3. Proficient Analytical skills
  4. Accuracy and accountability
  5. Adaptability to change

These qualities have, over time, built project managers who have stood shoulder high above their counterparts. We hope they also make you an effective project manager.

Ability to Lead

Leadership is the ability to influence the decisions of others towards achieving a designated goal. In project management, leadership is the ability to mobilize and motivate every resource needed to execute a project before the deadline successfully. Leadership entails intelligence, maturity, foresight, and empathy. An ability to lead means that a person can keep his sentiments aside and motivate team members toward achieving the project objective. Leadership is a quality of a project manager is no simple job, especially when the odds seem to turn towards failure. Every project manager with an ability to lead as a trait can keep a straight head through a project execution process regardless of the turnout.

Excellent Communication Skill

The role of communication in project execution cannot be overemphasized. Communication needs to be in place at every point in the project execution process. Every good project manager should have this quality up their sleeves for effectiveness and efficiency. A good project manager should be an active listener; he should be friendly, confident with information, able to give timely feedback for work done by team members, clear, and respectful while communicating with subordinates—the absence of good communication skills in a project manager results in unhappy team members. And a disappointed team eventually leads to poor execution of projects.

Proficient Analytical Skills

A good project manager should be highly analytical in relating to people and solving problems. Possessing analytical skills means that the project manager can solve complex organizational issues through abstraction and critical thinking.

Accuracy and Accountability

A good project manager should be accurate, precise, and accountable for decisions taken through the project execution process. Accountability connotes the willingness to accept responsibility for actions. It means that a person is willing to take criticism and judgment on performance from team members and shareholders.

Adaptability to Change

Technological, structural, and even economic changes can happen at any stage in the project. A good project manager should adjust to changes and adapt favorably to new conditions to deliver excellent projects. Adaptability to change demands that a project manager is always ahead of the curve, forecasting changes and preparing team members to adjust.


The quality of a project informs the general public about the competence and quality of the project manager. At PCS, we boast of excellently executed projects with maximum satisfaction from clients. Thanks to our team of managers who have all of the qualities that make for a good project manager. We would like to hear in the comment section if you’ve got other qualities you think a good manager should have. Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on innovations in project management.

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