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Project managers are often faced with the challenge of manually carrying out the task of planning, organizing, scheduling, and supervising the processes involved in transforming a project idea into reality. 

This is why project management softwares were developed. To automate the processes involved in project management and ensure accuracy and speed for project managers (PMs). 

Over the years, there has been widespread development of various software that play essential roles in project management. Some of these softwares are reliable and efficient in project management. At the same time, some of them have features that are no longer relevant in solving project management problems.  

This article outlines the five best project management software that can help you through your project management journey in 2022. A characteristic common to each software is the built-in qualitative features that automate the essential project management functions.

 The following are the five best software essential for successful project management in 2020:

1. Nifty

2. Jira

3. Procore

4. Wrike

5. Trello

The following project management software tools are explained in the proceeding paragraphs and how to effectively achieve qualitative project management solutions.


This is ranked number one on our list of project management tools for 2022. 

Nifty serves as a remote workspace to connect an organization’s workers, resources, plans, and schedules in a single environment. 

Nifty is also helpful for integrating an organization’s customers into the project management system, such that customers can follow the process from start to finish.

Nifty is built as a project management software to carry out the following functions: 

1. Set goals and timelines that are fully communicated to every team member.

2. Flexibly organize and prioritize tasks, giving detailed reports on daily progress.

3. Create a workable atmosphere for the unhindered sharing of ideas and innovations.

4. Create a balanced flow of tasks among all stakeholders involved in the project. 

Generally, Nifty eases the task of project management. 


Jira is a project management software tool initially created to track bugs from systems but grew into a tool effective for project management.

This was achievable by including the agile project management protocols into the software build. 

Jira project management can be streamlined to fit into any project type and has the requisite tools.


Procore is an effective project management tool best suited for construction projects. 

It is cloud-based and can be accessed by any team member from any location. The benefit of this is that the project goals and objectives are known to every team member who can modify them to fit changing environmental needs. 

Procore has in-built standard construction tools enabled by the internet and financial analysis for any project size. Procore as a project management software can help construction project managers create daily schedules, logs, emails, schedule meetings, and bring new team members to the project. It is built to admit as many users as possible to a project. Procore makes for ease of communication in the execution of a project and ensures team members’ efficiency throughout the project.


Wrike has often ranked five stars on app store reviews. Its project management capabilities have won it the heart of every twenty-first-century project manager. 

Wrike software is used in project management to plan the project’s course of action, organize every step into identifiable workflow sheets, keep a check on the project, and regularly remind project managers and team members of project timelines and deadlines.

With Wrike, project managers can constantly keep their project success in view while planning for deadlines. 


In 2022, we see an increase in the use of mobile phones to carry out complex tasks. This is what Trello was created for. To be a project management link between mobile phone users and users who work from the convenience of a PC. 

Trello board software is built-in with functions that help team members create projects, design project requirements, and track progress. 


The above-listed project management software can boost project management efficiency and lead to better project results. They help the staff and management team get up to speed on new decisions and project outcomes as soon as they happen, without organizing the formal board meetings. 

With these five project management tools, you will achieve better results in project management. 

This is why PCS exists to serve as the best project management option for all of your long-term and short-term projects. 

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